About Us

Abdulla Faeq Gne Shale, for construction pledges, real estate investment, and general trading, was founded by Abdulla Shale attaining decades of work in the construction sector.

The company works in three different sectors:

Construction & Design by Shale Construction

in over two decades, the company has designed and constructed multiple apartment complexes and buildings. Among the most notable projects is the Newroz City apartment complex in Sulaymaniya (comprising of eight twelve-story apartment buildings), Slemani Apartment Building (A luxurious eight story apartment building in Sulaymaniyah), Zagros Apartment Building (An eight story apartment building), and etc… We’ve also established and run three luxurious restaurants in Sulaimaniyah: we own the TCHE TCHE franchise, the five-star Pizza Plus restaurant, and Terrace Restaurant.

Trading by Megastore

After noting the difficulty in purchasing high-quality construction goods in Iraq conveniently, we set up Megastore based in Sulaimaniyah, which are official representatives of around ten international prestigious companies providing construction goods to construction projects all over Iraq.

Services by Shale Planet

We offer monthly/annual service of the goods we install in construction projects, with a capable and professional service team. For us, supplying you with quality goods is not all. We also provide service for the goods we supply to provide you with a guarantee that products you purchase from us will run for decades.

Our History

Working in the construction sector is a family legacy of the Shale Family in Sulaymaniyah. Gne Shale, the founder’s grandfather, founded his construction contracting company in 1948 and ran it his entire life. Today, his sons and grandchildren strive to continue this legacy.